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alderan is an alt-ed school launching early 2020

Learn impact investing on a working hedge fund run by experienced professionals. Get the kind of experience that you would normally only access years into your career.  Do it in a way that is both at the leading edge of innovation and real.

What does it mean to be real?

The truth is, most degrees don't prepare you for the real-world or meaningful careers. We wanted to change that. With cutting-edge research strategy, technology, and hands-on learning, we've redesigned how you learn to be an analyst.

The days of green-washing are over. We need to make real change and cause impact investing to truly make an impact. We've had careers in investing and technology. Our purpose now stems from our curiosity about how to make things better, for you, and for the world.


The current world of investing is focused on achieving homogeneity. We instead strive for diversity. Diverse people, perspectives, experiences, and strategies, because we know that our collective intelligence comes from our differences.



Leave investing to experts? No. Bright, passionate people can get good at it fast, especially when they work together. We've created a process that uses technology and agile methodology to help you discover, contribute and train.

The progam is a full-time in-person immersive experience as an impact/ESG hedge fund analyst. Our basic quarter includes an innovative two-week curriculum to get you up and running, followed by ten weeks of intensive analyst work.  

We recommend that those coming from other fields, such as STEM, consider attending for three quarters. The training you receive prepares you for jobs in investment management, pensions and sovereign wealth funds, endowments, private wealth management and other related areas.

The Program

Interested? We're looking for students and partners. Get in touch.

Why Us?

We are experienced professionals with a passion for impact and innovation, and a background in technology. Our bio's contain blue-chip firms you would recognize, and we've worked at senior levels in investment management, consulting, education and tech ventures. In the past we liked to think we had an impact, but it wasn't enough. Now, we want to fix that.

We took a look at three core areas and asked, "what if?". In investing, technology and impact, we came up with new innovations, ones that draw on collective intelligence, prediction markets, evolutionary science, systems thinking and other fields. We put a lifetime of experience together with the newest thinking, and came up with the design for alderan.

The Team

Emmy Sobieski

CIO and PM

Diego Espinosa

President and Director of research

Emmy likes to point out: “When I started in the industry doing the Internet boom, 4% of tech analysts were women.. Today, 4% are women.  It’s time to change that.”  She’s been both an analyst and PM, and has worked at major asset managers as well as a prominent tech hedge fund.  She’s given back as a mentor, non-profit board member/volunteer and green energy entrepreneur.  

Diego is a rare combination of educator, award-winning impact tech entrepreneur and investor.  “We can’t afford to change at the pace of education and finance,” he argues, “time to raise the speed limit.”  He has been a PM, #1-ranked analyst and Director of Research with major Wall Street firms.  As an educator, he has re-designed core finance courses to offer students new thinking and real-world learning.

“Can collective intelligence save the planet? It's the only hope we have."
— Patrick McGovern

Our Advisors

Deb Bronston-Culp

Diversity champion, career Wall Street research director at Morgan Stanley and other firms, angel impact investor, university trustee.

Elsie Fletcher

Chair, CFA Education Advisory Board, career asset management executive, advisor to $2tr alternative investing network in Asia.

Jennifer Grancio

Career executive at Blackrock, was CMO of iShares and headed up their U.S. Personal Investor business.

Cindy Runger, Esq.

University Regent, bank board Director, decades of experience in personal wealth management at US Trust, JPM and others.

Paul Scibetta, Esq.

Former CEO JP Morgan Private Bank in Asia, headed JP Morgan Asset Management’s Legal Departments for the America’s, Asia and Europe.

Stacie Olivares-Castain

Currently a fintech start-up CIO, decades experience as an impact/ESG investor, former impact investing advisor to the State of CA, non-profit board member.

Matthew Boyd

President of Numerai, a crowd-sourced AI hedge fund and blockchain prediction platform, formerly at Blackrock and Barclays Global Investors.

Dr. Radhika Dirks

AI/quantum computing pioneer, runs XLABS, an AI moonshot incubator, Guest Lecturer, Singularity University.

An Evolutionary Approach.  To make an impact, we need to invest in innovation.  Predicting innovation is hard.  We pull in concepts from evolutionary science and ecology, ones that create a new model for understanding what the future holds. Read More

A Smart Crowd Approach. Individual experts run most of investing.  The science of crowds argues we can do a better job collectively than they can on their own.  It's all in how the crowd is chosen, organized and supported using the newest techniques. Read More

It Takes a System.  We don't have much time to create a sustainable world.  Investing is a lever we can't afford not to pull.  Let's invest in companies whose new technologies and business models can really make a difference to the overall ecosystem. Read More




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